Soft slosing hinges and drawer runners can be expensive, especially when outfitting an entire kitchen. So you may be wonder if they are really worth the cost for your home. The following points may help simplify your decision.

If you’re building a new home for your own family, then soft-closures make a good investment. They last far longer than most standard hinges because of their gentle movement, and they prolong the life of the cabinetry they’re installed in too – all while making life in the home more convenient. However, if you’re renovating cupboards with pre-exisitng hinges in working order, the cost of soft-closures may not be worthwhile. Many modern closures may also not fit existing cabinetry, forcing you to replace more than the closures themselves and driving up the cost of the project. This is especially true if you’re flipping a home for re-sale, since soft-closures arent likely to add much value during a buyer’s viewing, making them unlikely to return their investment.

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