Do you know how to properly use a ladder? That might seem like a silly question, climbing a ladder must be one of the most basic things you could do. Unfortunately, however, falling is the cause of one of the largest numbers of personal injuries in this country, and working on a ladder is definitely going to increase your risk of being seriously injured. Even if you have climbed up and down a ladder hundreds of times, you should show the same care every time. This involves the following:

  • Planting the ladder on firm level ground.
  • Not rushing up the ladder.
  • Only using leveling legs to compensate for uneven ground.
  • Climbing only one step at a time.
  • Keeping 3 points of contact between the ladder and your body at all times.
  • Not reaching out to the sides, but moving the ladder instead.

While following these guidelines might make your work take a little longer, your personal safety is more important than any time you save.

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