Buying bedding is not always so simple as taking whatever looks good. There are barely noticeable differences in material quality and often big differences in their warmth and feel. Just as you would look for warm and cozy covers during the winter, we also need cool and comfortable sheets for during the summer. When you’re looking for summer bedding, there are two main points to consider: breathability and comfort.

Bedding materials that are not breathable will trap the heat released by your body throughout the night and make you feel even warmer. Cooling sheets are just sheets made to offer breathability, this means they have the ability to release the heat generated by your body instead of trapping it. The best bedding materials that provide this breathability to keep you cool are bamboo, cotton, or linen. If you are looking for bedding to keep you cool and sweat-free on summer nights, consider any one of these 3 materials that you find most comfortable.

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