Have you ever thought that your home needs defending? Well, considering all the catastrophic events that could cause damage to your home, such as heavy winds, tornadoes, wildfire and similar things, it makes sense to keep your home safe in any way you can. That’s where the idea of defensible space comes in. The thinking is that the area around your house should be free of debris or vegetation that could turn into fuel or projectiles if a disaster hits.

You need to split up the area around your home into 3 zones. Zone 1 goes out about 15 feet from your home, and it should be clear of anything flammable or loose that could hurt your home. Zone 2 goes from 15 feet to 75 feet or more, and this area should be kept fairly clear as well, but having some spread out trees and shrubbery is OK. Zone 3 goes the rest of the way, and it doesn’t require you to clear it out quite as much, but you should also not let it go completely.

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