Floods are some of the most frequent and disruptive weather hazards in the country. While most floods tend to develop slowly, with obvious signs that give warning of the danger, flash floods tend to develop very suddenly, with little to no warning signs. This makes flash floods significantly more dangerous. While your specific region may not be known to flood, never assume it can’t happen. Anywhere it rains, it can flood. So knowing some of the following important safety could help you in the event of an unexpected flood:

  • Learn about the potential flood hazards in your area ahead of time.
  • If you hear a “Watch” issued, pay serious attention to ongoing reports.
  • Never walk through moving water that is more than ankle-deep, anything more can sweep the average person off their feet.
  • Avoid driving in a flooded street, as even shallow water can result in loss of control or stalling.
  • Never drive through moving flood water. Most cars can be swept away in less than a foot of water, and most SUVs and pick-up trucks in less than two feet.
  • If your evacuation route is flooded, turn around and go an alternate way.
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