hard water can have some rather negative effects on the proper functioning of your home. While these effects are annoying, we might have bigger anxiety related to hard water, and that is if it is adversely affecting our health.

Should we be concerned about hard water?

Hard water, as we have mentioned can leave a soapy scum on sinks etc, even our skin can be affected by this. This soapy scum can be left on the skin and hair leading to some skin irritations. It is of note to mention, however, that WHO suggests that there is no convincing evidence that shows hard water affects a person’s health in an adverse way. The only conclusive evidence from studies has shown that hard water could, in fact, help the human body to fight disease. This could be due to the magnesium and calcium content, which in small amounts helps maintain good health.

So we could say that hard water could have a silver lining (under all that soap scum of course)

What, though if hard water is becoming too much of a problem to us? Can we do anything about it?

Hard water can be treated and there are various options for doing so. Water softeners remove unwanted minerals in the water, but do your research with these, as sometimes the water may end up with a high sodium content making it undrinkable. Water conditioners are also used to treat hard water, but again, its good to do your research.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have regarding the effects of hard water on your home.

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