Every homeowner wants the best living conditions for their families and one essential element of this is having good indoor air quality. Your homes HVAC system plays a key role in this because, if not taken care of properly, it could promote hazardous air quality. While you should have the HVAC system serviced every year, what about the filters? How frequently should you change them?

As a general guide, you should think about changing a filter every 3 months, however, much depends on how much its used. You may find it beneficial to change it even more often than that in some situations, perhaps once a month. A few examples of this are: if you have a large family which will produce more dust and dirt, pets, family members with allergies or if you have those who smoke in the home.

Outdoor elements easily find their way into the home which can affect the air quality. Living in agricultural locations or areas surrounded by construction may also make it necessary to change the filters more often. This would also be the case if there have been wildfires close by.

You should change a filter immediately if you notice it has been damaged in any way as this will affect its proper functioning. Another reason to change it immediately is if it gets damp or wet. Mold can develop very quickly, and you definitely don’t want mold spores circulating in the air.

So, it’s clear to see that HVAC filters do a lot to promote a healthy indoor air quality. It’s important, then, to remember to check their condition and change them often.

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