The spring months usually bring with them the need for a spring cleanup. As you are preparing your list of exterior maintenance tasks, it may become apparent that you will need to use a ladder for some of them. If so, here are a few points to remember regarding the safe use of ladders:

Serious injuries have occurred because of a ladder that was not footed securely. It is still important to do this even if you are not going that high up, as nasty accidents can still happen. Having to continuously go up and down a ladder to inch it over a bit can be really annoying, but this is a necessary thing to do. Overreaching on a ladder is very dangerous, so don’t risk your life simply to save a bit more time. It is always best to avoid positioning a ladder in a doorway. However, if you must do it, make sure the door is locked, or place a sign on the door letting everyone know that it is off-limits.

Avoid becoming too confident on a ladder. Of course, being too nervous can be equally dangerous, but if you think about safety first, it will help make you think twice before doing something risky.

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