Despite the global pandemic restrictions being eased, many of us still find ourselves spending far more time at home than we did before. This can make it challenging to stay productive, but the more time we spend at home, the more our home needs our attention. So if you’re looking for some productive ways to spend your time at home, you might check these out:

  1. Check your property for water damage. Look for brown spots on your ceiling or walls, mold or mildew, or leaky faucets. Things like these can be symptoms of a bigger problem that may be best to catch early. They could also be a sign of wasted water.
  2. Check your property for trip hazards. Uneven concrete, torn carpet, cracked asphalt, or exposed roots may seem harmless, and they may be. But they could also be signs of another issue, and they’re a safety hazard.
  3. Check your property for electrical hazards. Watch out for frayed wires, tattered power cords, or malfunctioning fixtures. Of course, no one wants to get electrocuted, but these things may also be signs of inefficient electrical systems.
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