Do you know what is one of the most difficult smells to remove from a home? The answer is tobacco odor. Tobacco smoke consists of very tiny particles which can make it through filters that will put a stop to a lot of other things. This means that if a smoker lived in your house, smoke might literally have reached every part of the home.

Tobacco smoke also leaves behind a film on surfaces that is oily and hard to clean off. You will notice that the water will have a yellow tint to it when you rinse off the rag you’re using to clean. Eventually, it should come off clear.

Even something as simple as a lightbulb from the previous owners could start smelling strongly of smoke when lit since it gets heated up.

You will need to do a very thorough cleaning to get rid of the odor, and it might even require multiple consecutive cleanings.

Replacing old filters with new ones will also make a big difference.

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