If you’re thinking of building or renovating a porch on your property, the first thing to consider before you start to budget and plan is the weather. What are the seasons like in your area, and what will the porch you build need to survive? Rain? Snow? Sun? Overall, experts suggest there are two top choices for outdoor decks. Cedar or Redwood.

Using Cedar for decks is one of the most popular options because of it’s durability and resistance to moisture. Although cedar is a softwood, it resists rot and insect infestation better than most other wood. Cedar won’t warp or crack in freezing conditions as easily as other options. It’s both ideal for a natural-looking deck and yet it is easy to stain, adapting to whatever look you want. Redwood is similar to cedar when it comes to durability and ruggedness, as it’s also naturally resistant to moisture, rot, and insects. The resistance comes from it’s natural oils and tannins, which also give redwood it’s natural beauty. But if you want to keep the natural look of redwood, staining every couple of years is necessary.

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