You may be looking for a beautiful older property with history and character, or perhaps you already own one. There are common issues with older homes that are worth looking out for. Finding these issues early might save you money and perhaps help you avoid a bad investment.

Older homes, even when well built, can develop electrical or wiring issues. Sometimes these issues can occur simply because the system used is outdated for modern power requirements. This can be dangerous and it’s important to check and replace, in order to make your home safe. Many older homes were built using older roofing methods and may have damage to shingles or flashing from wear and tear. If you are thinking of purchasing an older home, it’s worth looking at whether or not there is any structural damage to the property. Such damage, however minor, may impact whether or not a fixer-upper becomes a deal-breaker.

To be certain that your home or a home you are considering is a safe place and a good investment, a good home inspection can give you absolute certainty of the facts.

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Buying a home is a great milestone in life, but can also be risky - take it from a home inspector.

If you are buying a home in Long Island, then be sure to read this information first.

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