Why a Pool Inspection?

There’s nothing like lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand or cannonballing with your kids on a summer day. Pools bring a lot of joy to your home. They’re great entertainment for kids, adults, and even the family dog. But if you’re thinking about buying a home with a pool, a pool inspection from a trusted inspector is essential. Pool inspections ensure that everything is working property without any leaks or cracks that could damage your property or become unsafe to family or guests. Don’t jump in blind to the depth of problems an un-inspected pool can be. With a quick inspection, we can determine if all safety features are secure and that your pool is decking properly independent if your pool is in-ground or above-ground. With the help of Jason Home Inspection, you’ll know exactly what parts you may need to replace or what equipment needs to be added, and ensure you have all the information on your pool. Do you know exactly the size and depth of your pool? How old and what manufacturer installed it? Is your water balanced with the proper levels of pH, chlorine, calcium, and alkalinity? What materials were used in the construction and what could damage the materials? We will know!