Quality Home Inspections

From roof to foundation, home inspections are a crucial part in turning your house into a safe, and live-able home. Whole-home inspections should cover your homes’ drainage, the safety of your exterior structures such as fences, sheds, decks, and detached garages; the soundness of home siding and any roof sagging – classic warning signs of foundational failure, and any lack of exposed wiring, loose shingles, or stains in stucco that could expose the interior of your home to dangers like electrical issues or mold.  

Our quality home inspections go far beyond your main structure, with a variety of other inspection services to help ensure peace of mind when purchasing your next home or evaluating and damage to your current house. We offer results within fifteen minutes of inspection for a quick turnover, making Jason Home Inspection a great option for realtors and flippers selling auction homes, foreclosures, and any other quick-buy or quick-sell situation.


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