Clutter can build up in our homes so easily as we go about our daily lives. But it can have a negative effect on us, making our homes feel stressful, instead of calming and relaxing as they should be. Cleaning out the clutter can cut down dust, trip hazards, and drastically speed up your home cleaning routine. And even more importantly, being in a clutter-free space just helps you feel clearer mentally. The fewer unnecessary items, the better.

To get you started, you could digitally scan older documents and receipts and then safely shred them once they are securely stored and organized in a digital format. You might also benefit from cleaning out your closet and gifting or donating your old clothes to a charity. Another crack way to prevent shoes from cluttering your floor or being damaged or forgotten is to buy a shoe rack or set aside a drawer for them.

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Buying a home is a great milestone in life, but can also be risky - take it from a home inspector.

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