Imagine that you are sleeping in a deep sleep, and not worrying about a thing, when all of a sudden a piercing beeping wakes you up! There is a fire in your home, and you and your family desperately run outside to safety. You are so happy that everyone made it out alive!

This story has been repeated many times in homes throughout the country, but sadly, there are some stories that end in tragedy instead, where no one wakes up until it is too late and lives are lost. The only difference is a working smoke alarm. Considering how essential a smoke alarm is in situations like this, it should be a no-brainer to install them throughout your home. However, it’s not enough to have them installed, they also need to have batteries in them. Many times, injury and death are the result from something as simple as a smoke alarm having its battery sitting on a shelf next to it.

Make sure that you have smoke alarms outside of every bedroom in your home, as well as, on each floor of the home.

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