With warmer weather approaching, many parents try to find ways to entertain their kids outdoors with something that will give them exercise, as well as, a fun experience. Trampolines are ideal for this, but you should make sure that the trampoline doesn’t become a safety hazard.

There are hundreds of thousands of reports involving trampoline accidents every year in the US alone, most of them due to unsafe use.

Here are some basic rules that should be instilled into your children:

Never use the trampoline with more than one person at a time. Most accidents happen from 2 or more people hitting each other on the trampoline.

Don’t jump off of high objects onto the trampoline. This could cause uncontrolled effects, or even break the trampoline.

Children should not be allowed to be on the trampoline unsupervised.

Install netting around the trampoline to prevent falls. Also, avoid having the trampoline on asphalt or cement where a fall could cause more damage.

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