Are you looking to replace the floors in your home? A new floor can completely change the entire look of a home. As well as being nice to look at, however, a floor must be durable and able to meet the heavy demands of an active household. So, what type of flooring is right for you? Let’s consider one popular type of flooring, laminate.

What is laminate made of? It is generally made up of fiberboard with a melamine resin. This is then formed into panels or pieces designed to neatly fit together, much the same as hardwood flooring does. One advantage of laminate flooring is that it comes in many styles and colors. Although most of these styles will have a hardwood effect, other options like marble and granite effect are available as well.

Is laminate flooring expensive? This type of flooring is often less expensive than many other kinds of flooring and it is pretty easy to install which means that for a reasonable price you can enjoy a brand-new floor.

What else should you be aware of with laminate flooring? Some people may not like the fact that the melamine resin in the laminate can contain formaldehyde, which is known to be toxic. If this concerns you there are products available with fewer toxins so doing some research on it will be beneficial.

Before you go ahead and lay your laminate floor down make sure the subfloor is in good shape and thoroughly dry, otherwise the laminate could start to warp or buckle. Laminate has also been known to shift so you will want to ensure it is installed properly.

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